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Çağla Grup released its new web page !
To give you better services, Çağla Group has renewed its corporate web page.
Cagla Group Human Resources
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New Projects.
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Shopping Centers
Family Mall Shopping Center Project
Prowerhouse&energy Jazz Bar Project
Ceylan Karavil Shopping Center Project
Tokat Novada Shopping Center Project
Ozdilek Levent Project
Erasta Antalya Retail Park & Mall
SAF Akasya Shopping Center
Gaziantep Forum Shopping Center
Kayseri BYZ Garage Hotel and Shopping Center
Antalya Bauhaus
ORA Urban Entertainment Center
Gaziemir Optimum Shopping Center
Akvaryum Shopping Center
212 Istanbul Shopping Mall
Otimum Shopping Center
Star City Shopping Center
Neo Marin Shopping Center
Neo Plus Shopping Center
Ada Center Shopping Center
Babil Shopping Center
Other Projects
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