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New Projects
Marmara Anatolium Project

Indoor Area: 226.500 m2
Number of Beds: 17.6 MVA
Start-Finish Date:

Mersin Integrated Health Campus Project

Employer: Mersin Sağlık Hizmetleri Yatırım ve İşletme A.Ş.
Main Contractor: DIA Altyapı Yatırımları ve İnşaat A.Ş.
Indoor Area: 355.500 m2
Number of Beds: 53.0 MVA
Start-Finish Date:

Skyland Istanbul Project

Employer: Eroğlu Real Estate
Main Contractor: Eryap Construction
Indoor Area: 655.500 m2
Start-Finish Date:

Brisa Aksaray Factory Project

Employer: Brisa Bridgestone
Main Contractor: Yeni Teknik Yapı Construction
Indoor Area: 320.000 m2
Total Capacity: 42 MVA
Start-Finish Date:

Istanbul Avrasya Strait Road Tube Project

Employer: Avrasya Tüneli İşletme İnşaat ve Yatırım A.Ş.
Main Contractor: Yapı Merkezi & SK Engineering and Const. Co JV
Total Capacity: 1.0 MVA
Indoor Area: 7
.500 m2
Start-Finish Date: 2015-2016

Yeditepe University Oncology Hospital

Employer: Yeditepe University
Main Contractor: İstek Construction Co.
Total Capacity: 4.0 MVA
Indoor Area: 30
.500 m2
Start-Finish Date: 2015-2016

Sanset GUF Project

Client: Toksöz Holding
Project Management: Tekyol Plus
Total Capacity: 21.6
Indoor Area: 120
.000 m2
Start-Finish Date: 2015-2016
Nida Tower Levent Business Center Project

Client: Tahincioğlu Real Estate
Main Contractor: Nida Construction
Total Capacity: 3.6
Indoor Area: 55
.000 m2
Start-Finish Date: 2015-2016
Azersu Head Office Project

Investor: Azersu
Contractor: Halla İnşaat ve Mühendislik
Total Capacity: 
3.6 MVA
Indoor Area: 36
.000 m2
Start - Finish Date: 2014-2015
Tryp & Hawtorn Hotel Project

Client: Turan Textile
Total Capacity: 4.0
Number of Rooms: 192 Rooms
Indoor Area: 30
.000 m2
Start-Finish Date: 2015-2016
Grand Pera Project

Investor & Contractor: Kamer İnşaat
Total Capacity: 
4.0 MVA
Indoor Area: 35
.000 m2
Start - Finish Date: 2014-2015
Duhok Family Mall Shopping Center

Developer/Contractor: Darin Group

Indoor Area: 210.000 m2
Total Electricity Capacity: 20 MVA
Start - Finish Date : 2013-2015

Zorlu Levent Project

Investor: Zorlu Real Estate Investment
Project Management: Yüksel Project
Man Contractor: Koray Yapı A.Ş.
Indoor Area: 122.000 m2
Total Electricty Capacity: 8.0 MVA
Start - Finish Date : 2011-2013
Rixos Quba Turizm Center Project

Investor: Zqan Construction
Indoor Area: 38.000 sqm
Number of rooms: 200
Total Electricity Capacity: 14.0 MVA
Start&Finish Date: 2011-2014

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